Coronavirus – Specific advice to immunosuppressed patients, or those on biologics

If you are on biologic or other immunosuppressant therapy then we know your immune system could be a bit lower than others in the population. This can mean your symptoms may be worse if you contract the virus. You are also at an increased risk of complications which may be severe if you do contract the virus.

Patients should be aware of the need to recognise early symptoms of infections and seek medical attention early if feeling unwell and suspect infection, including coronavirus infection.

Current recommendations are that you should not stop taking your biologic therapy. Continue as normal. Should you wish to stop taking your medications, you should first speak to the prescriber of these medications. These decisions will need to be taken on an individual by individual basis.

However, if you develop the signs and symptoms of an infection or virus such as a high temperature, cough, runny nose or shortness of breath or generally feeling unwell we’d always recommend holding off on your next dose or injection until you’ve seen a health professional.

If you do seek medical advice for signs of an infection or virus do let the health professional know that you are taking a biologic medication which lowers your immune system. Make sure you have the name of your biologic therapy to hand.

Please read these important current guidelines from the Australasian College of Dermatologists regarding biologic therapy

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